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Just wanted to take time out to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. I’ve been blessed to have my family home to celebrate the season, and we’ve been having a lovely time together. I’ve been slacking off on my blogging as my sons have been using my computer to play games the last couple of weeks, but I hope to be back on a sort of regular schedule in January.

I can’t think of a single writing-related thing to talk about today. My mind is overflowing with thoughts of family and friends, and I am totally happy and at peace with life. I hope you are, too.

Wishing you blessings,




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This is a sequel to Broken Angel, which I read months ago and thoroughly enjoyed. Flight of Shadows continues the story of Caitlyn Brown, a genetically altered young woman who escaped from a vicious bounty hunter in the territory called Appalachia, only to find herself in greater danger in the society Outside. The government, the bounty hunter, and the scientists who created her all want Caitlyn—dead or alive.

Caitlyn becomes friends with an elusive, crafty man named Razor. The two of them escape from the agents pursuing her and look for the man Caitlyn’s father told her would help her start a new life. The government agent, Carson Pierce, is forced to work with Razor after being betrayed by someone in his agency, and they unravel the mystery behind Caitlyn’s birth.

There are so many twists and important characters in this book that I think I would have been confused about what was happening if I hadn’t read Broken Angel first. The author does a good job of explaining the backstory, but the setting and structure of the society is a bit hard to understand.

I was disappointed in the ending, but overall thought this was an interesting story. The society it portrayed was depressing but believable. I’d recommend this book to friends, but it isn’t an easy or pleasant read.


Flight of Shadows - Sigmund Brouwer

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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