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A light-hearted romance story with a message of hope for a better life, A Suitor for Jenny, by Margaret Brownley, wins a 5-star rating from me. This is a book I read straight through, without noticing the hours passing as I waited for a good place to stop reading. I loved the characters, and the plot was full of interesting twists that made me want to find out what happened next.

After reading an article saying that Rocky Creek, Texas is full of rich bachelors, Jenny Higgins brings her two younger sisters to town to find suitable husbands.  With a guide book called The Compleat and Authoritative Manual for Attracting and Procuring a Husband, Jenny thinks she’ll be able to quickly match her sisters up with men who’ll take good care of them, relieving her of the responsibility of supporting them herself. She wants them to be happy, but tries to make her sisters and the men in town behave according to the strict rules she read about in her manual. No one cooperates.

Marshal Rhett Armstrong has his hands full trying to appease the outraged citizens of Rocky Creek, who expect him to do something about the bossy young woman who’s taken over their town. While Jenny’s conduct isn’t criminal, the men definitely feel they need to be protected from her. As she stole his heart as soon as she arrived, Rhett understands their concerns.

This is an inspirational romance, but it isn’t preachy. It deals with real issues, including poverty, abuse, jealousy, and lack of self-esteem, but isn’t depressing. I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.


A Suitor for Jenny 



This book was given to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers for review purposes.


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Life Without Limits, by Nick Vujicic, is one of the best nonfiction books I’ve read in a long time. It left me feeling inspired and motivated to work harder to achieve my own goals in life.

Nick Vujicic had to overcome physical challenges that few people face, but his emotional struggles are ones most of us can relate to. Born without arms or legs, he desperately wanted to fit in and experience the same things other kids did. His parents helped him achieve a certain amount of independence, and he taught himself how to perform many tasks that I’d never have thought possible for a person without arms or legs. An adept swimmer, he also learned to surf. He even defended himself against a bully on the school playground. Yet his physical achievements aren’t as amazing as his emotional strength.

During his youth, Nick faced and overcame serious depression. He began reaching out to others facing tough circumstances and helped them find hope for the future. His own sense of purpose grew stronger as he became acquainted with people all over the world that needed someone to encourage them not to give up their dreams.

Still in his twenties, Nick is already an accomplished motivational speaker, Christian evangelist, and businessman. His positive attitude and insightful suggestions for overcoming life’s trials have made an impact on people wherever he’s travelled. One of the many comments he made in his book that had an impact on me is this: “You may not control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond.”(p.33)

I highly recommend Life Without Limits.


“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.”


Nick Vujicic also has a website called Life Without Limbs

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