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Women’s fiction is a term that refers to stories where the female protagonist deals with situations and relationships that challenge her and affect her emotional growth.

The subjects and themes of these books can cover a wide range of issues that women face. Relationships with other people are important, and are an integral part of the story. Though there is often a love interest, it isn’t the central focus.

What’s most important is the woman’s emotional development as she pursues her dreams, fights her fears, or overcomes obstacles life throws her way. These stories touch the emotions, and don’t necessarily have a happy ending. Like any book, though, women’s fiction does need an ending that satisfies readers.

Women’s fiction tends to be more commercial than literary, but doesn’t fit the narrower restrictions of genre fiction. It appeals to a wide, mainstream audience and generally will be shelved with general fiction in a bookstore.

Examples of books considered women’s fiction (per Barnes & Noble) are:

Picture Perfect, by Jodi Picoult

Fly Away Home, by Jennifer Weiner (this one is also listed under Literary on Amazon, and Commercial Fiction on Free Book Friday)

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen



What other books can you think of that would be considered women’s fiction?  What, if anything, appeals to you about this type of book?

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So far in 2010 I’ve had a 100% acceptance rate on my articles. That sounds wonderful until I admit I only submitted one article. Still, it’s better than a zero acceptance rate, which I’d have if it was a rejection.

My husband tried to be enthusiastic about my achievement, but failed. When I told him he should be more supportive he replied, “Well, it’s not like you won the Pulitzer Prize.” While that’s true, I think every step that takes me closer to my goals is worthy of celebrating.

So, here I am, sharing my tiny success with you, my blogger friends. Though the e-magazine that bought my article isn’t well-known, it’s one I enjoy reading. Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend encourages women by offering positive, helpful suggestions for reducing stress and enjoying life. My article, Simple Ways to Organize Your Clutter, is on page 17 of the magazine.  

The editors are actively seeking submissions, and have asked current contributors (that’s me!) to recommend it to our writer friends (that’s you!). If you do submit an article this month, please mention that Carol Benedict referred you to them. The person who refers the most people will win a diamond bracelet, and that would be a lovely treat for me. Click here for submission guidelines.

.Edit 3-15-10: I think they’ve changed the link to my article to http://www.youpublish.com/files/29021/Girlfriend-2-Girlfriend

Do you have some small (or large) writing successes to celebrate so far this year? Is your family supportive of your writing efforts, or do you get your encouragement elsewhere? How many articles or stories have you submitted in 2010?

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